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About Code Kit

Drag & drop coding for Arduino
Code Kit by EduKits
Code Kit by EduKits
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Code Kit is a visual coding editor from EduKits.
  • Simple but powerful design and interface
  • Easy-to-use for beginners
  • Built-in code upload (desktop version only)
  • Offline progressive web app (PWA) support
  • Growing video documentation
  • Growing block and feature libraries

Feature Comparison

We are aware of a number of other visual code editors for Arduino. Code Kit is well-designed and rich with features but may not be the best solution for your specific use case.
The table below outlines some of the key differences between the most popular alternatives to Code Kit.
Note — You may have to scroll horizontally to view the entire table.
Code Kit
Visual Block Coding
View Live Code
Direct Code Upload
Intuitive Interface
Regular Updates
Extensive Block Library
Typed Variables
Pins & States as Variables
One-Click Copy Code
Customisable Toolbox
Browser Autosave
Advanced Mode
Interface Dark Mode
Cool Loading Animation
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